230 Ways to Volunteer

When we started DMHS, our founding families had many opportunities to contribute, as there was furniture to build, walls to paint, classroom materials to sort, and lots and lots of ideas sought as we created the culture of our school.

Through this joyful work, we formed strong bonds as we worked side by side during our back to school work days and our many different committees.

Now that our school is starting its seventh year, it has become apparent that it’s been challenging for our families, especially our new families, to figure out how best to be involved at DMHS.

Yet we need your help just as much today as we did in those early years!

This year we are launching a new approach so that every family can find their own path to volunteering: The 230 Ways to Volunteer Campaign. 230 represents the number of DMHS students we have, now that we are fully grown. We grew from 52 in our very first year to current full enrollment of 230. Wow!

Please take a moment and look at the many opportunities and then choose the two that work for your family. We have options available throughout the entire school year.

If you have any questions about a volunteer opportunity, feel free to email us, and we will answer your question or connect you to someone who can.

DMHS was founded with a strong, supportive parent community. Hopefully, even as we are a larger school now, the 230 Ways to Volunteer Campaign will help you feel a part of our community and, together, help us to be an amazing school serving your students.