Welcoming / Volunteer Committee

Attends all DMHS school / community events and recruits volunteers. Also a neutral person that can problem solve when volunteers are frustrated or have questions. Sign up to volunteer.
2018 Chair: Lisa Saragosa (Obdulia and Alana co-chairs)

Outreach Committee

Creates connections with the community (builds bridges). Initial connections will be to create relationships so that it is easier to ask for donations later. This committee will also manage when and how our community connections are contacted.
2018 Chair: Travitt Hamilton

Aramark Committee

Maintains relationship with Aramark and schedules game / volunteer events. Enlists volunteers, ensures that they are trained, and problem solves when volunteers don’t show up.
2018 Chair: Cassandra Rocha

Silent Auction Committee

Determines the date, venue and theme for Silent Auction. Creates an active committee that will work with Outreach Committee for donations. Runs the Silent Auction and works with Outreach Committee to thank all donors and volunteers.
2018 Chair: Esther Castillo

Events Committee

Coordinates the smaller events including determining date, time and venue, recruiting volunteers for key positions, marketing and evaluating which events make the most community and financial sense.

2018 Chair: Tamatha Herrera

Passive Fundraising Committee

Finding, evaluating and signing up for Passive Fundraising opportunities such as King Soopers Cards. Marketing these fundraising opportunities to the DMHS community.
2018 Chair: Dan Logan